“Every step I take toward my death 

is another toward my success, and so I step.” 


His name is Swahili and comes from East Africa in Kenya. Omari (Oh-Ma-Ree) means the highest, mountaintop and close to God, Ajamu (Ah-Jah-Moo) means he who fights for what he wants, Ajanaku (Ah-Jah-Na-Koo) means free and wealthy people. Omari is a husband and father of three children; Aiyanna, Bashiri and Israel.

Omari was born in Chicago, IL and grew up in Langston/Guthrie, OK. After attending Langston University in 2012 he graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2017 with two bachelor's degrees; one in forensic science and the other in criminal justice with the intention of using both with his future criminal law degree

His experience includes; seven years with Oklahoma City Public Schools as a Substitute/Language Art's Teacher, seven years with the YMCA as a Youth and Family Counselor/Coordinator and four years with various youth shelters as a Youth Specialist/Advocate.

Omari is the owner of a entertainment company, a criminal law organization, a vocational non-profit and a self-help/education podcast. His purpose is to control his intellectual property, ensure generational wealth and to lead by example while doing what he loves to do.

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