Affirmations: Volume II

I feel now is the time, the time more than ever to be in tune with yourself internally.

Society has people desperately seeking attention and spending money to be something we will rarely be, 


Being loved starts and ends within.

Love is to look in the mirror and to address the trauma, hurt and pain.

Love is to accept what you see then

decide to do better on a consistent basis.

Understand that will lie to you because lying is profitable.

They will deceive you because deceit is advantageous.

They will even manipulate you to your detriment

because manipulation is lucrative.

Knowing this reality, why not start and end within?

Giving no excuses let us start right now.

Right here and now in this moment before it's gone because I feel that you are more than ready.

I want you to go look in a mirror or in a camera and say.

"I am the problem and the solution to all of my issues."

Say it three times giving the responsibility, energy and power to the right person.


Congratulations on this major step.

The question is, what will you do next?

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