Truths: Volume I

In the artwork, each letter represents a certain facet within the black community.

It is and was my intention that we acknowledge the reality of our situation then 

do something to improve it for the next generation.

The T symbolizes mental/emotional health and our vision of success

the R represents the black excellence gallery that serves an example of inspiration and hope, 

the U signifies the acquisition of wealth by illegal activity which is glorified but heavily policed, 

the T alludes to the acquisition of wealth by sports and our lack of success strategies, 

the H epitomizes the manipulation of films and music which is used to mislead our youth, and 

the S stands for the criminal justice system and how it's designed to dismantle the black family.

The individual in the background is the end result, 

to be used as a commodity for private labor as they helplessly watch their children go down the same path of generational dysfunction. 

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